Letter of Demand


Why would you use a Letter of Demand?

Nothing is more frustrating than people who don’t pay what they owe. Sending a Letter of Demand gives you an easy way to get your money back; it is a formal letter to advise your customer that they need to pay their debt by a certain date or you will begin a formal debt collection process with a collection agency or lawyer. Normally it’s a good enough kick to get them moving without having to resort to a debt collector!

Many businesses wait until 90 days have passed before sending a formal Letter of Demand. It’s common practice to send a ‘friendly reminder’ before sending a formal Letter of Demand.

What you need to know to complete the Letter of Demand

  • the details of what you’re owed,

  • who owes it to you and

  • how long they've owed it for.

How long will it take to complete?

Less than 5 minutes.

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