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What we do

We recognise that small-medium businesses are the backbone of our economy and need the right support to strengthen and grow. There are a lot of boxes to tick and detail to attend to, to ensure your business is set up, protected and enabled for success. We’re here to help.

AdviSME has been designed to be accessible and scalable to give SME’s the tools, advice and support they need to succeed. Combining automation, artificial intelligence and real life humans, AdviSME makes it easy for SME’s to access the right legal solutions.

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Business healthcheck

We’ll identify the legal risks in your business through our innovative business healthcheck . It’s free, interactive and online, saving you time and money.

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Legal plan & strategy

After the healthcheck, one of our lawyers will work with you to develop a prioritised legal plan, with recommendations on where to focus and how we can strengthen your business – at no obligation or cost. Once we’ve built your plan, we can start working on step by step improvements for your business.

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Cost certainty

We understand the environment you work in and the pressures SME’s face - so we offer a range of packages and flexible pricing to give you certainty and surety around the costs to strengthen your business. With the right foundations and support in place, your business can grow.

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Smart legal documents

Once we have identified your legal hotspots and selected the pricing model that best suits you, our AdviSME team have you covered with expert legal advice and a suite of smart legal documents you can use to improve your business health and compliance. Try some of our Smart legal documents now, for FREE.


Have you got 3 minutes to grow your business?

It might look like a few simple yes/no questions, but our business healthcheck is powered by the expertise of more than 70 legal experts and an algorithmic decision-making system.

What does that mean? Basically, we’ve put our teams combined legal brains into a computer system, and it can diagnose the legal health of your business in around 3 minutes. We know you don’t muck around, so neither do we!

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“From little acorns mighty oaks grow.”

- American Proverb

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