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Our AdviSME online documents have been designed using advanced automation that can tailor each document to your unique requirements. All of our online documents have been created and built by lawyers here in New Zealand so you can be confident you are getting a high quality legal document.

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Confidentiality Agreement


During the course of businesss, you may find that you need to share certain information about your business with other parties. Needless to say, you want to make sure this private information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. A Confidentiality Agreement can be a good protective measure to take!

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Website Privacy Policy


New Zealand privacy laws are very strict and require any business that deals with its customers personal information to have a readily available privacy policy (made available via the business’s website).

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Website Terms and conditions


Website Terms and Conditions are the terms on which your business allows people to access and use the business website. This document includes important terms to reduce the risk of a business incurring loss, liability or reputational damage because of a person's misuse of the website.